Founded in 2023, AfriDish is a technology platform (B2B) powering the African food industry in Canada i:e we provide tech solutions for African food entrepreneurs, chefs and brands to grow their businesses. The African food industry in Canada is growing at a fast rate, so the need to help food businesses take advantage of the growth and become World-Class Brands is our priority and mission. Our Marketplace with inbuilt Saas Tools (B2B) will enable African food businesses, chefs, Restaurants and brands to sell their products to millions of customers while managing their businesses effectively. Our Marketplace provides high visibility and traffic for your food business, you chill and make profits while we take care of your business. We are a highly efficient team, and our aim is to help grow the African food industry in Canada, we have tools that will help you manage your business effectively, visit our “For Businesses” section to learn more.